About Us

Who We Are

To dream is where your heart resides, I have developed my brand to show techniques of your endless styling, I am interested in what you need & your hearts desires. My dreams has always been a very happy place where I can be free of the everyday struggles that pressure us to always get things done. In my dreams I’m rich, live in a mansion and I’m free to be my illuminating higher self. I want to help everyone take a break from reality and take a dive in our dream world.

Why We Do It

Here at Drip Dream World I want you to be your best self. You can enjoy both your drip while keeping things fun & light where you can get away for awhile to enjoy wherever your dreams will take you. Here at Drip Dream World you say, we all say “I need it” your happiness as well as your life to have beauty in it. Let us help you with that, while you can take it easy.